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Local anesthesia is used to minimize pain and discomfort during your treatment. General anesthesia is also available per patients request. After treatment, patients are provided with pain management medications

It is necessary for the person to eat after 2 hours of the dental implant application. The person should not eat during this 2 hours. In the period after 2 hours, they should not consume hot food, but rather eat cold, lukewarm foods (such as ice cream, milk, and dairy products). It is important for the person to avoid hot food and drinks for the first week for the treatment and oral health.

In implant treatments, temporary tooth prostheses are applied depending on the number of missing teeth in the person’s mouth. If the person has a large number of missing teeth, either a temporary movable prosthesis or a fixed tooth prosthesis is applied. In the case of the person having no teeth, a fixed temporary tooth prosthesis is applied using the Fast-Fixed technique.

According to the controls made by the specialist surgeon after the panoramic X-ray, if the person’s oral and jaw bone is suitable, the implant treatment is applied after the tooth extraction.

One of the biggest disadvantages of implant treatment is the complications that can arise from incorrect and inadequate applications. It is possible for the infection to result in loss of healthy bone tissue in the implant-applied area. If the treatment plan is not properly done, it can also cause aesthetic problems at the end of the treatment.

After the implant treatment is placed, the patient should pay attention to their oral and dental health until the implant is integrated with the jaw bone, and should not smoke. The use of low-quality materials or materials that do not meet hygiene standards is also a disadvantage for implant treatment.

After the implant treatment is performed, and the artificial tooth root is integrated into the gum, and fixed or movable prostheses are attached, it can be used in a healthy manner for 20 or 30 years by people who care for and value it. There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a dental implant. Situations such as properly applying the implant treatment and not neglecting implant maintenance directly affect the implant lifespan.


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