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DentallAid Dental Clinic laboratory, which is a dental prosthesis laboratory consisting of experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, continues to work with all our strength for our valued guests, using the latest technology dental infrastructure and superstructure materials, with the best and error-free service. To get detailed information about the products and services we offer in our laboratory, you can talk to our teammates or our expert technicians in detail, monitor and visit our applications.

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Our Dental Laboratory System

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Our team, which is surgically and technically integrated with the dental laboratory system of our clinic, works to provide solutions to our valued guests.

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Cad(Computer Aided Design) /Cam(Computer Aided Manufacturing) stands for computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. Many operations that can be performed on the filed teeth can be designed with computer support and can provide an aesthetic point of view in doctor-patient relations. Each tooth created is designed with computer support, and by participating in our age with high technology, it carries the dental industry forward. Tooth color, tooth length, length also provides information about the aesthetic smile, giving us direction, thus laying the groundwork for every work started and directing it to the right. Each process can be shown step by step, and the desired designs can be obtained. Using an intraoral scanner, an image of the entire situation in the mouth is taken. The received image is sent to CAD CAM devices. The margin of error is minimized in the images sent. Due to the shape of the patient’s teeth, it is modeled by preventing the problem of gaping or gagging. After the scanning process done by the physician, it is made into a model and the dental procedure is decided. The process to be done is modeled according to the size of the tooth, to the shape, to the closure, and after the completion, the whole process in the mouth appears in the form of a cad (computer environment) model. All procedures are prepared by modeling specifically for each patient. Every operation performed in the CAD environment makes the physician-patient relationship more understandable. After the patient says the desired procedure, the dental work is designed. Each designed job is presented to the patient by the physician. By making some rehearsals, the desired result can be achieved more easily.

Zirconium, press, empress. Lamina, all on four, monolithic zirconium, temporary, maxup, toronto, smile design, implant, abutment (implant abutments) etc. treatments are applied.

One of the most important contributions of CAD/CAM systems to the dental industry is that they are fast and practical. Such systems enable many jobs to be practiced faster and healthier.

  • Teeth are biocompatible and their continuity is ensured
  • No gagging problems by not taking measurements
  • Work done is long lasting
  • Each procedure is unique to the patient
  • It increases the quality of life by satisfying the patient.
  • It provides access to high quality in a short time.
  • Desired light transmittance and aesthetics can be achieved.

The dental prosthesis laboratory is the party used for the production of dental prosthesis that fulfills the health conditions. To explain in folk language, it is the kitchen part where the teeth are formed. It is extremely important that a healthy and reliable dental prosthesis laboratory is reassuring for the procedures that need to be done.

There should be certain features in the dental prosthesis laboratory. At the beginning of these features, a professional team that understands their job and a set of materials used should be in the setting of the latest technology. The dental laboratory of the clinic, on the other hand, eliminates this problem for people who have problems in terms of time and facilitates the procedures of the dentist both technically and surgically.

When it comes to dental veneers, guests who come to the clinic for treatment are usually one of the most frequently asked questions about whether they are porcelain teeth or zirconium teeth. Zirconium crown dental veneer treatment, which is more comfortable for the guest, is preferred more by dentists, both because it provides an aesthetic appearance and is beneficial for the gums.

The zirconium crown, which does not harm the main teeth of the person, is produced by using CAD-CAM technology in the dental laboratory, taking into account the mouth and tooth structure, with the tooth measurements taken specifically for the person. The zirconium, which is produced in a color suitable for the main tooth of the person, is processed on the ceramic porcelain superstructure.

In the plaster model prepared in CAD-CAM, the teeth are scanned with a scanner. The scanned model is presented to the design at the cad stage. In the design, arm removal, raising, lowering end and tubercle playing operations are performed. A dental infrastructure can also be designed as monolithic and temporary. Each tooth obtained is called a member. A certain entry angle is applied to the members and the design part is finished. When it is finished, all stages of the tooth can be seen in front of us.

CAD-CAM thread prices vary according to the quality of the material used. If you want, you can contact our team and get detailed information about treatments, treatment processes and pricing.