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Dental Tourism

In Istanbul

Turkey, which is one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to dental health and tourism in recent years, uses its digital equipment with the standards of European countries with the advancement of technology and brings together quality health care with patients with successful dentists in their fields. This situation increases the interest in general and aesthetic dentistry services provided in our country. Thanks to the qualified and experienced dentists in Istanbul, tourism is no longer just a holiday and the concept of health tourism is formed.

Step 1

You can get detailed information about your dental problems by contacting us through our website, you can send your photo or mouth X-ray. After our dentists examine the information you have sent in detail, we will inform you in detail about the necessary treatments and costs. The final treatment plan will be made after the examination and x-ray controls we will perform in our clinic.

iletişime geç

Step 2

Your complaints about your teeth and the photo/oral x-ray you have sent will be shared with our dentists who are experts in their fields.

oral x ray

Step 3

With our dentists who are experts in their fields, the condition of your teeth and jawbone is examined in detail and a treatment plan is created. The created plan is forwarded to our teams.

dental klinik hekim inceleme

Step 4

The report of your treatment plan is prepared in detail by our team and shared with you.

Step 5

When you are ready to travel, the visa, invitation and necessary procedures are prepared by our team and forwarded to you. (For countries where a visa is required)

dental turizm istanbul

Step 6

Once your visa is approved, your stay is also organized instantly.

otel rezervasyon dental turizm

Step 7

According to your flight ticket, you will be met by our teammates at the airport at the arrival time.

havaalanı transferi dental turizm

Step 8

Our team members will be in constant communication with our guest to provide all necessary guidance and directions.

telefonla iletişime geçin

Step 9

: If you and your relatives want to visit Istanbul after your treatments, you can visit Istanbul with our contracted private tour companies and organizations.

istanbul diş kliniği

Step 10

Our team will keep in touch with you for post-treatment check-ups.

tedavi sonrası
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Enjoy Your Stay.

Experience Istanbul


As confirmed by international commissions, Turkish medicine is developing rapidly. 46 clinics in our country are accredited by JCI. By comparison, only 10 German clinics have this certificate. More details below!

Turkey attracts the attention of patients who will come from abroad; in terms of dentist staff
specialized in their fields, treatments applied at the standards of European countries and
touristic/historical places. These services, which are provided in European standards, are available at
much more accessible prices compared to their own countries. Patients who receive dental
treatment services in Turkey also have the opportunity to have a vacation. With its natural beauties,
historical places and culture, Turkey is always an attractive country. Dental tourism in Turkey has
other advantages too.
The equipment is on the same quality as the equipment used in European countries and is accepted
worldwide and FDA and CE approved devices.
Treatment costs are more reasonable than in Europe and overseas countries.
The waiting time of patients who want to be treated is quite short. They do not have to wait weeks
for an appointment to be made, but they can plan their trip as soon as possible and benefit from
Patients can continue their treatment in their own countries. Although it is a great advantage that
Turkish dentists are experts in their fields, patients who come to Turkey from abroad say that they
are very satisfied with the treatment.

This question is one of the most curious topics among patients. Foreign patients who are curious
about the treatment processes can send the panoramic x-ray taken to the clinic where they want to
be treated digitally or via e-mail and get detailed information. In this process, the dentist checks the
dental and jaw health and makes treatment planning in the x-ray he/she examines. The planned
treatment and process are explained to the patient in detail on the digital platform or via e-mail.
After the information is transferred to the patient, the appointment is confirmed with the rapid a
system and travel planning is made. In addition, treatment periods in dental tourism are specific to
the person who will make a travel plan. Some treatments are completed in a few days, while others
may take longer. With this system, tourists who will come to our country can make their plans more

Dental tourism has become popular in our country in recent years. The importance and development
of it in terms of the country’s economy depends on the creation of health institutions with a
successful and expert team. Promotion of health institutions providing dental tourism services and
good use of digital platforms play an important role in the development of dental tourism. It is
extremely important to meet the needs of patients with expert staff in the field. Since people who
want to receive dental treatment primarily communicate with the staff, not the dentists, it is very
important that the staff has sufficient knowledge and equipment about dental tourism

Turkey is located in an advantageous position in health tourism. Therefore, it offers many
opportunities for people who will come from abroad. The first of the most desired services in dental
tourism in our country is implant treatment. This is followed by treatments such as aesthetic dental
treatments and digital smile design.