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Dental Volumetric Computed Tomography

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Dental volumetric computed tomography (CT) is a type of imaging test that uses X-rays to create detailed 3D images of the teeth and the environment in the mouth. Such uses of CT are used in dental examinations to assist dentists in planning work such as dental implants or surgeries of the jaw. The images produced by Dental CT are extremely detailed and display in a way that helps dentists accurately diagnose and treat a wide variety of dental tracts.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Dental volumetric As I mentioned earlier, dental CT is often used to help dentists diagnose and treat a wide range of dental conditions. The detailed images produced by the scan can help dentists identify problems such as tooth decay, infection, and abnormalities in the jawbone. These images can also be used to plan and guide treatment, such as placing dental implants or performing surgical procedures on the jawbone. In some cases, dental CT may be used in combination with other imaging tests, such as traditional X-rays, to provide a more complete picture of the teeth and surrounding structures.