What is Design of Smile? | Your Dream Smile in a Beautiful Country
Smile Design Turkey Achieving Your Dream Smile in a Beautiful Country

What is Design of Smile? | Your Dream Smile in a Beautiful Country

The concept of Smile Design involves enhancing and personalizing a person’s smile through various aesthetic dental procedures. It is a comprehensive approach that takes into account the harmony between teeth, gums and lips to create a visually appealing smile that suits the person’s facial features and personality. Here are the other details!

Which Treatments Does Smile Design Include?

Smile design encompasses an array of dental treatments that effectively address various dental issues and contribute to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing smile. It is classified into three primary categories:

  • Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures: These treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and gum contouring for comprehensive smile enhancement.
  • Orthodontic Treatments: Embracing braces, transparent aligners, and varied orthodontic methods to rectify misaligned teeth and achieve an aligned smile.
  • Restorative Dentistry Techniques: Encompasses procedures like crowns, bridges, fillings, and dental implants, serving to restore damaged teeth and replace missing teeth within the jawbone.

Which Problems Do Smile Design Eliminate?

The aim of Smile Design is to tackle several dental concerns affecting both aesthetics and functionality, addressing key areas:

  • Correcting Misaligned Teeth: Aligning crooked teeth through orthodontic treatments to enhance smile appearance, simplify dental care, and improve functional tooth use.
  • Resolving Discolorations: Eradicating tooth stains or discolorations by employing treatments such as tooth whitening or aesthetic smile design approaches like zirconia dental crowns, laminate veneers, and Emax dental treatments for a brighter smile.
  • Repairing Broken Teeth: Rectifying the shape and structure of damaged teeth using aesthetic dental fillings for a smoother appearance. For irreparable broken teeth, restoring them to their original state is facilitated through zirconia dental crowns and porcelain dental veneers.
  • Addressing Missing Teeth: Reinstating healthier and more functional tooth use through dental implants, correcting appearance and aesthetics via specific surgical procedures.

How do I Know if I’m a Candidate for Smile Design?

Smile design candidates often want aesthetic improvements to their smile. In aesthetic treatments, the dentist evaluates various factors such as oral health, facial structure and patient preferences to determine suitability.

People with missing teeth in the jawbone usually seek treatment to eliminate the dental problem because they can’t use their chewing functions for a long time. Aesthetics are also important in these treatments.

What is the Process of Smile Design?

The smile design process typically includes an initial meeting to discuss goals and concerns, followed by an assessment of the current mouth condition. First of all, an intraoral x-ray and tomography should be taken and examined in detail by the dentist. Afterwards, the oral and dental condition should be evaluated visually. Dental professionals then adapt the procedure to the individual’s needs.

By analyzing personal factors such as the alignment of the teeth, their sizes and forms, colors, lips, gums and gum levels, and taking into account the individual demands of the patient, the result is the design of a new smile.

How Long Does Smile Design Take?

Patience is very important in the field of smile design. The timeline varies depending on individual needs, treatment procedures, and the status of the case. Orthodontic treatments generally last between 3 months and 3 years. In implant treatments, after the artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone, you must wait 3 months and wait for the healing process to complete. After 3 months, crownings are applied on the implant and the treatment is completed. In smile design treatments, general oral and dental health must be checked. For this, intraoral x-ray and preliminary examination should be performed. If there is gum disease or tooth decay, it should be removed. Afterwards, the selected treatment should be started. Approximate duration for laminate veneers, zirconia dental crown and e max treatments varies between 4 and 15 days. Additionally, teeth whitening treatments are usually completed in 1 day.

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Goals of Smile Design

The main purpose of smile design is to create a smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. It aims to achieve harmony between teeth, gums, lips and facial structure, creating a smile that feels natural and improves overall facial aesthetics. The goal in missing teeth is to replace the missing teeth in the jawbone. Aesthetics are secondary at this point.

Components of an Esthetic Smile

An aesthetically pleasing smile is more than straight, white teeth. It includes a balanced combination of tooth shape, size, color and alignment, prioritizing the completion of missing teeth as well as the symmetry of the gums and lips. Each treatment plays an important role in creating a stunning smile.

Smile Design Procedure in Turkey

Turkey presents a multi step Smile Design process comprising evaluation, planning, and execution. It involves reshaping teeth, gum contouring, and at times, additional procedures like dental implants or veneers. Highly trained and experienced dentists in Turkey employ cutting-edge technology and techniques to achieve optimal Smile Design results.

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Advantages of Choosing Smile Design in Turkey

Apart from its affordability, choosing Smile Design in Turkey presents several other advantages;

  • Experienced and Qualified Dentists: Turkish dentists possess extensive training, qualifications, and exceptional skills in performing treatments procedures.
  • Utilization of High-Quality Materials: Dental clinics in Turkey use durable materials such as porcelain and zirconia for treatment, ensuring long-lasting outcomes.
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment: The latest technology and equipment utilized by dental clinics in Turkey ensure high-quality results and a comfortable patient experience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: As mentioned earlier, the cost of Smile Design in Turkey is notably lower compared to many other countries, making it a viable and affordable option for those seeking smile enhancement.
smile design in turkey cost
smile design istanbul cost

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Cost of Smile Design in Turkey

One of the biggest advantages of having Smile Design done in Turkey is that it is affordable. The cost of Smile Design in Turkey is quite lower compared to many countries. Here is a price list for various dental treatments in Turkey;

VIP Transfer ServicesInclusive  
Panoramic X-Ray   
Periapical X-Ray   
Local Anaesthesia   
Medicine & Ice pack   
Teeth Whitening150£180€200$
Zirconium Crown & Veneer110£120€135$
Porcelain (Emax) Crown170£180€200$
Porcelain (Emax) Veneer180£190€215$
Implant NTA Swiss + Abutment 270£300€310$
Implant Osteem + Abutment 270£300€310$
Implant Bego + Abutment300£320€335$
Implant Medentika by Straumann + Abutment400£420€435$
Implant Swiss + Abutment400£420€435$
Implant Astra Tech by Dentsply400£420€435$
Implant Nobel Biocare550£620€650$
Implant Straumann Roxolide600 £670€710$
Implant Straumann SLA Active800 £900€950$
Tooth Extraction10£15€20$
Tooth Extraction (Surgical)100-150£100-150€150-200$
Wisdom Tooth Extraction150-200£200-250€250-300$
Sinus Lift200£250€300$
Bone Graft200£250€300$
Prices are subject to change, and it’s recommended to contact the dental clinic for the most up to date pricing information.

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Smile at Life With Dentallaid Best Dental Clinic in Turkey and Implant Center

Smile design is a transformative process widely sought after in Turkey, producing incredible results that have turned numerous smiles into success stories. Witness the remarkable before and after pictures of actual patients who have undergone this procedure. The impact is genuinely life changing, offering the assurance of a beautiful and confident smile.

This unique form of treatments provides an affordable yet top tier solution to achieve your dream smile. Through the expertise of seasoned dentists, utilization of state of the art equipment, and the use of high quality materials, dental clinics in Turkey consistently deliver exceptional results to their patients. Opting for the right dental clinic and adhering to recommended oral hygiene practices will ensure the longevity of your stunning new smile.

Discover more about Smile Design in Turkey and its unparalleled ability to transform your smile by reaching out to us today. Gain access to exclusive information and treatment plans tailored to your needs.

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What is Smile Design?

Smile Design is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves reshaping and alignment of teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.

Is Smile Design Painful?

No, Smile Design is not painful. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area being worked on.

How Long Does Smile Design Take?

The duration of Smile Design depends on the extent of the procedure. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

Is Smile Design Affordable?

Yes, smile design is affordable compared to many other countries. Prices can vary depending on the chosen dental clinic and the extent of the procedure.

How Do I Choose the Right Dental Clinic for Smile Design in Turkey?

When choosing a dental clinic for Smile design, look for experienced dentists, high-quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and positive patient reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have undergone a Smile design procedure.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results of Smile Design can last for many years, even up to a decade or more if proper oral hygiene is maintained. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important to ensure the longevity of your new smile.

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