Ensuring quality and patient satisfaction in the health sector is ensured by the application of treatments with state-of-the-art equipment and materials, by a staff of physicians who are experts in their field.

Dentallaid dental clinic, located in the center of Mecidiyekoy district of Şişli district of Istanbul, grows by applying healthy and permanent solutions to all the needs of its patients with the right materials and techniques in the shortest time possible with its twenty years of experience and expert staff in all branches of dentistry.

Our clinic consists of 8 separate units and provides services in the fields of implant treatment, oral and chin surgery, gum disease treatment, prosthetic dental treatment, root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, pediatric dentistry, aesthetic smile design, zirconium veneer, laminated leaf, e-max and teeth whitening in accordance with professional ethics and work safety.

With the titanium materials developed by the latest technology, we eliminate the situations that cause toothache within minutes and ensure that the teeth are used in a healthy way for a long time. Our clinic, which works together with the laboratory and technical infrastructure, ensures that you, our esteemed patients, are discharged in a healthy way without sacrificing quality.


To be a dental, oral health and aesthetic center that constantly gives importance to their own values within the framework of professional ethics and professionalism, serve the health sector with an modernist and innovative spirit, increases the quality of clinical treatment services with its expert physician staff who keep up with technology and responds to the needs and problems in this field at international standards.


Dentallaid Oral, Dental Health and Aesthetics Center aims to be a reference institution in Turkey and in the world in the field of oral and dental health and smile aesthetics, by placing the highest value on ethical principles.

  • Our Values
  • Prioritizing human values
  • Giving importance to patient health and safety
  • Using the most advanced Technologies
  • Giving importance to the professional development of employees
  • Being innovative and contemporary
  • Being transparent and constructive
  • Always supporting scientific studies
  • Approaching everyone equally and fairly
  • Being ethical and reliable