Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch that produces a healthy smile and deals with the restructuring of the mouth and tooth design. Smile design aims to create a personalized aesthetic smile by bringing together many main branches. Aesthetic dental treatments play an important role in dentistry, as a healthy smile will affect many issues from our self-confidence to our communication with people.

The aesthetic dentist primarily performs a detailed analysis in order to make the patient’s wishes and the most suitable treatments for him. Here, patient’s skin color, bone color, occupational factors and even eye color are important. The age, gender, facial features and gums of the person are important factors affecting the smile. In the branch of dentistry, aesthetic dentistry must analyze the patient’s wishes. Since the wishes of the person or people will be different, the treatment to be applied to the patient should be explained in detail. In aesthetic dentistry, the treatment desired by the patient may not be suitable for the patient’s mouth and teeth structure, but the dentist should share the appropriate treatments with the patient in detail. In aesthetic dentistry, the aim is to analyze and correct the roughness in the patient’s smile in detail. If necessary, the preliminary examination should be long, the patient’s photos should be taken and the desired result should be shared with the dentist. Since aesthetic dentistry is a very sensitive work, In order to achieve the ideal smile, the patient’s health should never be compromised.

There are factors that affect smile design. These;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Facial Lines
  • Gums
  • Color and arrangement of teeth

Effect of Age on Teeth Structure

The age of the patient is very important in aesthetic smile treatments and medicine. The main factors affecting the smile on age are the hair, between the eyebrows, the tip of the nose and chin. While equality is seen in the facial parts of the body at young ages, this equality disappears with time in middle age and old age. In age-related aesthetic dentistry treatments, if the person has aesthetic problems, it is important to consider the treatment that the dentist will recommend.

Effect of Gender on Teeth Structure

The gender of the person is important among the main factors affecting aesthetics. The reason for this is that while natural teeth in women are pointed and turn sharply, in men this situation has a straight and angular structure of natural teeth. These differences tend to make women’s smiles leaner towards the lower lip, while men tend to be flatter.

The Effect of Facial Lines on Teeth Structure

The facial features of the person directly affect the tooth structure. The reason for this is that the face and jaw line are oval and pointed, and they are among the main factors affecting tooth structure and smile. Since tooth structure or alignment is important in smile design, dentists need to examine and analyze the facial features and jaw structure of the person in detail in smile design and tooth coating treatments.

Effect of Gums on Teeth Structure

Gum and tooth sensitivity is one of the factors that make a person aesthetically important in oral and dental health. Gum health is important for an attractive smile. Gingival recession is seen in neglected and unpretentious gums, and it leads to tooth loss in the future. In this case, it eliminates the smile disorder and aesthetics. tooth stone cleaning and dental care are vital for gum health. Unhealthy gum color is often swollen and blood red. In such cases, Consulting a dentist who is an expert in the field prevents tooth loss in the future.

The Effect of Tooth Color and Arrangement on Teeth and Smile Structure

For an attractive smile, tooth color and tooth alignment are very important in terms of appearance in aesthetic dentistry treatments. If the tooth alignment is smooth but pale in terms of color, the teeth whitening treatment provides the desired aesthetics to the patient. Tooth alignment, trauma, and incorrect use of antibiotics damage the enamel and tooth color and disrupt the desired aesthetic appearance. In aesthetic dental treatments, tooth alignment may be missing or excessive due to anatomical disorders. In such cases, orthodontic treatment eliminates the patient’s aesthetic problems. People who have gaps and deformities in their teeth and do not have an aesthetic smile have dental veneer treatments applied. These dental veneer treatments ensure that the person’s aesthetic roughness is removed and that the person can smile comfortably. These dental veneer treatments are as follows;

  •  Zirconium Veneer
  • Laminated Leaf Tooth Veneer
  • E-max Dental Veneer

In cases where these treatments are suitable for the mouth and teeth structure, the person has the desired tooth appearance and smile in terms of aesthetic smile design.