Composite Filling Treatment

Composite filling treatment, which is applied to correct deformed teeth and add aesthetics, chemically processes the resin in the composite to the tooth and is never distinguished from the applied tooth. Composite filling, which is also used for aesthetic purposes, maintains the integrity of the tooth with its naturalness.

Today’s composite filling treatments;

  • Carious tooth treatments,
  • Discoloration tooth arrangements,
  • Closing interdental spaces, correcting
  • Broken or cracked teeth, bracket
  • Bonding used in orthodontic treatments.

It is sensitive to oral liquids due to the resin and other substances in the composite filling treatment. The person who had applied the treatment should act very carefully in her life after the treatment. Composite filling treatment is not applied in people with intraoral bleeding and excess salivary glands.


If composite filling treatment was applied to anterior central teeth, The person should definitely avoid foods that are hard and difficult to break. If the composite filling treatment is applied to eliminate the aesthetic deficiency, the person should stay away from colored food, drink and cigarettes. The reason for this is that it prevents discoloration that may occur in the tooth. If the person does not pay attention to the colorful food and drinks she eats, the aesthetic appearance will disappear over time. In order to prevent rots and other deformations, The person should show the necessary sensitivity to oral and dental care.