Dental Braces Treatment

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malformed teeth. Many different treatment methods are used in orthodontic treatments today. According to the patient examined, the most appropriate treatment method to be used is decided by considering the age of the patient. These methods are:

Metal Bracket

When it comes to braces/brackets, metal brackets come to mind the most. Brackets made of stainless steel, which are attached to the front of the teeth. Metal brackets provide faster treatment with arch wires due to less friction. If desired, it can be colored with elastics.

Lingual Brackets

They are brackets that are attached to the inside of the teeth and are not visible from the outside. Because lingual brackets are custom-made, they cost more.

Invisalign/ Wireless Treatment

It is known as transparent plaque treatment. They are produced especial for person and according to the amount of crowding, the number of plaques varies. The patient can put on and take off as they want.

Ceramic Braces:

These transparent brackets are less visible on the teeth. Compared to other braces, food residues are more likely to accumulate because they are larger. Moreover, since they are fragile and sensitive, they should be used with great care. Therefore, it is appropriate for more adult patients to use it. Because of the friction in ceramic braces, the treatment may take longer.