Oral, Dental and Chin Surgery

Oral, dental and chin surgery is the department that diagnoses and surgical treatments of patients of all ages, soft or hard tissues in the lower part of the face, cheeks, lips, tongue, teeth, jaw and jaw joints. Depending on the condition of the patient to be treated by a specialist in the field, surgical procedures are performed using local anesthesia, conscious sedation or general anesthesia, whichever is deemed necessary. Often, individuals also see chin surgery because of oral problems. Problems such as jaw pain, difficulty in chewing and swallowing food, jaw stiffness are the most common problems among jaw surgery patients. Solving problems caused by abnormal mouth opening such as noisy breathing, difficulty speaking or snoring is within the scope of Oral, Dental and Chin Surgery. Other diseases within the scope of application are as follows;

Oral Diseases

Ağız ve yüz çevresinde bulunan yanak, dudak, damak, dil ve diş etlerinde oluşan hastalıkların tedavilerinin bütününü kapsamaktadır. Damak ve dudakta oluşan yarılmalar, ağız içinde görülen enfeksiyonlar ve yaralar ağız ve çene cerrahi alanında uzman hekim tarafından tedavi edilmektedir.

Jaw Diseases

It covers the treatment of diseases of the jawbone, joints, nerves and soft tissues. Diseases such as slippage of the jawbone, fractures, dislocations and cyst formation in the jawbone are treated by specialist jaw surgeons.

Dental Surgery

It covers the treatment of diseases encountered in teeth and tooth roots. Treatment types such as broken tooth repair, infections in the teeth, dental prosthesis and implant applications are treated by dental surgery.