Pediatric Dentistry

Pedodontics (Dentist For Child )is the science that deals with many treatment methods such as oral dental health, protection of milk and permanent teeth, caries treatment, root canal treatment, treatment of open-ended teeth and tooth extraction in children aged 0-13 from infancy. It is very important that the first dentist you will take is in pediatric dentistry so that your children do not have a fear of the dentist, so that they can trust the dentists they will go to in the future.

Pedodontists have sufficient knowledge about the general dentition as well as the anatomical structure of the developing teeth. Thanks to this information, they can easily detect problems in the teeth in advance, so they can take precautions in advance. For example, they not only treat the decaying tooth, but also take precautions to prevent the decay of the teeth beforehand. For this, it is much more appropriate for children to have their dental examinations and treatments done by pedodontists.

Babies’ milk teeth begin to comes out at about six months of age and are completed by the age of three. Since the structures of milk teeth are different, they are much more susceptible to wear and decay. When children reach the age of six, their milk teeth begin to change one by one and can continue until the age of ten. Pedodontists have sufficient knowledge and education about child psychology.

What Do Pedodontists Do?

– By approaching children with special attention, they turn the process into a game and try to pass their fear of dentists.

– They regulate children’s eating habits.

–  They ensure the regular progress of jaw and tooth development

– They do orthodontic treatments.

– They teach children about oral and dental health.

–  They prevent unwanted dental diseases.