Periodontology (Gum)

Gums have an important place in oral and dental health treatments. The branch of science dealing with gum disease and its treatment is called periodontology, and dentists interested in this field are called periodontist. In oral and dental health, tooth loss may occur in gingivitis and jaw bone meltdowns. A healthy gum is light pink in color, holds the teeth tightly, is firm, and does not have bleeding or swelling in the gums.

Factors such as bacteria, drug use, pregnancy, hormonal changes, stress, genetic factors and smoking can impair gum and oral dental health. In gingival diseases, the priority is to be conscious of the person’s oral and dental health.

Having regular calculus removal treatment and cleaning gingival stones on the teeth play an important role in gum health. In advanced cases, surgical procedures are applied to prevent receding gums and bone loss. Surgical treatments to the gums can be done in the classical way, as well as laser technology has been used in recent years.

Symptoms of Gum Diseases;

  • In oral and dental care, in cases of visible red color and swelling of the gums
  • In cases of bleeding when brushing teeth, in cases of inflammatory discharge
  • In the teeth and gums, in the presence of odor in the mouth,
  • In the case of teeth moving away from each other and swinging,

The patient should be examined by a periodontist.