Smile Design

Smiling; is a form of nonverbal communication that strengthens a person’s communication power, which includes all facial expressions. An impressive smile is an important privilege that makes people attractive to each other and directly affects one’s self-confidence, recruitment and social interactions, and so on. People who have this smile provide a more positive approach than people who don’t.

In aesthetic problems in the past, the dentist used limited treatment methods by arranging the patient’s teeth one by one, but today, in general, the evaluation and analysis of the lips, teeth and even gums are considered in the treatment processes of aesthetic concerns.

The dentist who wants to create a natural aesthetic smile design does not only evaluate the tooth structure of the patient, but also considers the mouth structure of the person as a whole. Today, aesthetic dentistry, which provides the removal of aesthetically necessary roughnesses, increases the supply and demand of aesthetic dentistry with the development of technology at the same rate. Smile design, which has recently caught a serious population in aesthetic dental treatments, offers useful solutions to aesthetic problems in this direction and solves these problems. The aim of smile design treatments should be to provide aesthetic and visible change to the patient and to give a natural appearance.

How is Smile Design done ?

The aesthetic smile design treatment method, which varies according to the patient’s mouth and tooth structure and requires specialist physicians in the field to choose the most appropriate treatment method, which is varies according to the X-ray taken after the preliminary examination. In smile design methods, after the doctor and x-ray checks of the patient, the patient may prefer the treatment methods that are not suitable due to his/her mouth and face disorders. In such cases, it is of great importance that the physician presents the treatment options to the patient and explains the treatment methods in detail. The treatment methods to be decided in aesthetic smile design treatment methods are as follows;

– Implant

– Metal supported Porcelain Veneer

– Porcelain Dental Veneer with Zirconium Substructure

– Porcelain Leaf Laminated Tooth Veneer

– Full Ceramic E-Max Dental Veneer

– Gum Aesthetics

– Teeth whitening

Appropriate treatment method

As soon as it is decided, the processing time of each treatment method to be chosen will normally differ. However, with our laboratory of our clinic and more than twenty years of experience, we are happy to serve you, our valuable patients, by reducing this time to a minimum. For aesthetic smile design prices in our clinic, you can contact us and get detailed information about aesthetic smile design treatments.