Smiling is also the whole of mimics and facial expressions that we use constantly in our social life, in our bilateral communication with people, in business meetings and in our normal life as well. In a society where smiling is important, we should give importance to our oral and dental health and should not neglect care. In our society, where white teeth attract attention, teeth whitening has recently gained a significant population with the development of technology. Oral and dental carelessness, unhealthy diet, alcohol and cigarette use not only spoil the aesthetic appearance, but also harm dental health. Teeth whitening is one of the aesthetic treatments that whiten the discolored, aesthetically unappealing teeth and reduce the color changes. Teeth whitening is the most effective solution for stains caused by age, food and drink.

Why Does Teeth Coloration Occur ?

In people who do not care about oral and dental care, it is the whole of the conditions that cause tooth discoloration due to the stains on the teeth or changes in the tooth enamel. Dentists who are experts in their field group the causes of tooth discoloration into three groups. These ;
  • Color changes due to environmental factors
  • Color changes due to developmental factors
  • Color changes due to genetic factors

Color Changes Due to Environmental Factors

It is the whole of the color changes that occur due to the fact that the white tone of the teeth of people who do not care for their mouth and teeth changes towards brown tones, and that the person does not pay attention to his nutrition. When environmental factors are removed, that is, when oral and dental care is done, when they pay attention to their nutrition, the teeth that change color can take their old tone. The person should definitely have a dentist check-up. Teeth cleaning is of great importance in this case. Immediately after, the original color of the tooth can be preserved and permanent whiteness can be achieved in long-term oral and dental care.

Color Changes Due to Developmental Factors

Factors directly related to the anatomical development of the tooth. During the period when the person is in the mother’s womb, the stage of formation of teeth, the drugs that the mother will use, the diseases and eating habits are all of the factors that cause tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening applications and problem-solving are not suitable for patients who complain of color changes due to developmental factors.

Color Changes Due to Genetic Factors

People with different genetic and anatomical structures can have auburn, brown or white skin, or teeth can be white or yellow according to the anatomical structure of the person. In direct proportion to the genetic structure disorders, stains, shape and color disorders can be experienced on the teeth. In such tooth discoloration problems, you should definitely get support from your specialist dentist and follow your treatment process directly. The patient will be able to have the desired whiteness with the teeth whitening treatment to be applied with the factors related to this factor.

Things to Consider in Teeth Whitening

Having white teeth is everyone’s dream.. With the developing technology, dazzling smiles are now possible for all individuals, taking into account teeth whitening treatments and dental aesthetics. There are many treatment options available where you can whiten your discolored, stained or darkened teeth, whether at home or in a clinical setting, and smile freely. In this case, ‘How long can I maintain the whiteness of the teeth I have whitened? ‘ question may come to your mind. Let us inform you, our valued visitors, in detail in our article.


You have decided to do the teeth whitening treatment at home. First of all, make sure you have a professional examination with your dentist who is an expert in her/his field. The reason for this is that conditions such as gingival recession that may occur in the gums, dental calculus that may occur if you do not pay attention to oral and dental care do not constitute a suitable basis for teeth whitening applications. The dentist will inform you in detail about your oral and dental health during the examination. If there is a need for dental caries and root canal treatment, you must be treated in such cases. This is because it will be healthier for your oral and dental health to treat these problems before teeth whitening application. Feel free to ask questions about application that you will apply to your teeth at home like ‘Which whiteners can I use for the teeth whitening? ‘ ‘At what dose should I use the bleach? ‘ ‘How much whiteness should I expect? ‘.The reason for this is that the color changes and darkening of the teeth vary from person to person.    


You should not keep the special tooth whitening gel that you bought with the dentist for more than the recommended time on your teeth. The reason for this is that it can damage your sensitive teeth and gums and cause other problems. After the end of the teeth whitening application, you should definitely stay away from acidic and colored drinks and fatty foods within the first two hours.


You may experience sensitivity immediately after teeth whitening. Do not be afraid, this situation will pass between the first half hour and one hour. If you think that the sensitivity you will experience is causing a problem in your gums and teeth, be sure to ask your dentist and take a break from the teeth whitening application. If the dental plaques and gel you will apply for whitening do not fit your teeth well, it is better not to apply teeth whitening. The reason for this is that the teeth whitening plaque that does not fit the teeth and the gels leaking from the plaque damage your gums and cause you to experience more sensitivity.  


You applied teeth whitening, followed the dentist’s instructions and applied the special gel at the recommended dose. If you have achieved the shade of whiteness you want, retouching once a month will be sufficient for both enamel health and gum health. If you have achieved a good result in the teeth whitening application, it will be healthy to repeat this application every six months. Pay attention to tooth brushing and oral hygiene. Since everyone’s tooth structure is different, it is more correct and healthy for you to decide on the teeth whitening application period determined more specifically for you in line with your dentist.    


Teeth whitening may not be applied in all cases. It is better to postpone laser whitening applications for pregnant and lactating women, as it is not healthy for children and women. Teeth whitening should not be applied in cases where the person has healthy teeth and veneer teeth. The reason for this is that porcelain veneers and fillings do not whiten because they are heat treated. If you want to whiten natural teeth alongside your veneers, whitening may occur in your mouth with uneven colors. In this case, it spoils the aesthetic image. Teeth whitening applications under the age of eighteen should be done in special cases. It is more appropriate for a person who has an aesthetic expectation to have teeth whitening after the age of eighteen for oral health and tooth development.

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