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Why DentallAid?

  • Our Treatment Approach

    The experience of a comfortable dental care and treatment is the right of every person. For this reason, we provide all our guests with a consultation, examination and therapeutic control.

  • Sterilization

    It is our top priority to maintain a standard of high quality of cleanliness and consistent sterilization of equipment throughout our clinic.

  • Team Understanding and Integration

    Our DentallAid staff prioritizes a supportive environment to meet the needs of every patient. Our collaborative team provides an individualized plan in order to satisfy the expectations of each patient.

  • Quality

    Technological and all other equipment used by our clinic for your dental treatments are controlled by quality control specialists. We continue to work without compromising our licensed product policy and quality products.

  • Easy Access

    We are located in the center of Istanbul in order to minimize the travel time for people who want to be treated and to provide a quality reliable service to people.

  • Laboratory System of Our Clinic

    With the dental laboratory system of our clinic, we perform your aesthetic and prosthetic dental treatments with our surgical and technical integrated team.

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